Rackmount Chassis Manufacturer and Server Chassis Manufacturer

IPC Rackmount Chassis Manufacturer

U-Rack, the rackmount chassis manufacturer and server chassis manufacturer, is built up by a group of expert engineers, designers, and production management who are involved in the industrial rack-mount / storage chassis field over 30 years. At U-Rack, You can find a complete line of Turnkey rackmount solutions, which offer excellent resolutions of dissipation and best flexibility to meet customers' need.


We are the experts in OEM/ODM design

We are the experts in OEM/ODM design, and use metal fabrication that includes plastic, steel, stainless, aluminum, and other materials to create a unique image for customers. As a server chassis manufacturer the server chassis of U-Rack allow for easy deployment in any multi-server environment, optimizing limited computing space and maximizing benefit.