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About Us


IPC Rackmount Chassis

U’Rack is built up by a group of expert engineers, designers, and production management who are involved in the industrial storage server case field over 30 years. At U-Rack, You can find a complete line of Turnkey rackmount solutions, which offer excellent resolutions of dissipation and best flexibility to meet customers' need.

Unparalleled Expertise in Storage Solutions

Our commitment to innovation extends to the realm of storage solutions, with U’Rack specializing in storage server cases. With over three decades of experience, our team of seasoned professionals ensures that our storage server cases not only meet but exceed industry standards, providing optimal performance and reliability.

OEM/ODM Excellence: Crafting Unique Storage Server Cases

U’Rack stands as a beacon of excellence in OEM/ODM design, utilizing a diverse range of materials, including plastic, steel, stainless, aluminum, and more. In addition to our renowned rackmount solutions, our focus on storage server cases allows us to offer versatile options for easy deployment in any multi-server environment, optimizing computing space while maximizing benefits for our valued customers.

Global Reach, Local Dedication: U’Rack’s Vision for the Future

Beyond our professional mechanical and design teams, U’Rack boasts state-of-the-art fabrication and machine shop facilities equipped with laser cutting, CNC machines, milling, and welding capabilities. With an unwavering commitment to quality control, we consistently deliver excellent finished products. As we look to the future, U’Rack's dedication to worldwide expansion in both products and services remains steadfast, ensuring that our global production capability aligns seamlessly with regional needs. Our ethos to think globally and act locally continues to propel our success in the ever-evolving global IT hardware market.