Advanced 1U Short Depth Server Chassis for Efficiency

1U Compact Server Chassis

• Dimension : 481mm x 503mm(D) x 1U
• M/B : ATX ( 10”X 12”)
• Drive Bays : 5.25”x 1 , 3.5”HDD x 1, Exposed 3.5”x 1
• PSU Type : 1U Single PSU

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► Unique Outlook Design

► Reliable Safety Device

► Super System Expansibility

► Easy Assembly & Service

► Effective cooling design to tackle thermal issues

Model NO : U1002N1

U-Rack's 1U short depth server chassis packs a punch despite its compact size. Boasting a unique and modern design, it seamlessly integrates into space-constrained environments without compromising performance. Effective cooling design ensures optimal thermal management, preventing overheating even with high-performance components. Inside, you'll find ample room for expansion with multiple drive bays and PCIe slots, allowing your server to grow with your needs. Reliable safety devices safeguard your hardware, while the user-friendly layout ensures easy assembly and effortless maintenance. Experience the perfect blend of space-saving efficiency and powerful functionality with U-Rack's 1U short depth server chassis.

Model NO. U1001N2
Standard EIA-RS310D
(W x D x H)
481mm x 503mm x 1U
(18.9” x 19.8” x 1.7”)
Material SGCC / 1.2mm thickness
M/B ATX ( 10” X 12”)
Drive bays 5.25” x 1 , 3.5” HDD x 2
Coolings  2 x 4cm ball bearing (middle) on windpipe design
Indicators Power, HDD LED
Controls Power on/off, system reset, USB port x 2
Slots  1 (PCI or PCI-E)
Power Supply 1U Flex PSU

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